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issue 31  | JUNE 6, 2018
Photograph provided by EGPAF
The insider
Moving Forward 
As we approach the one-year anniversary of the founding of Humentum—building on 65 years of combined expertise from our legacy organizations—we are grateful to the members, learners, trainers, and practitioners who have been a part of our journey this year. In this issue of The Insider, our first two stories look ahead—at how to remain agile in a world of complex change and the aspirations found in our new learning promise. Plus, we share an inspiring member profile, advice from one of our expert trainers, and a look at one member’s annual conference experience. Read on! 
From Our CEO: Multiplying Agility
Operational excellence sustains impact, strengthens resilience, and enhances trust. Looking ahead, how do we as a community continue to advance operational excellence in the face of evolving practices, unexpected pressures, and shrinking resources? Tom Dente writes about the importance of being agile during periods of profound change, and how Humentum’s engaged community fosters opportunities for increasing agility.
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Our Learning Promise to You
Early on in this first year of becoming Humentum, our team of learning and development professionals explored how to align our work with the needs of our extended global community. From this, they have articulated the Humentum Learning Promise, our commitment to how we will create and deliver learning with and for our sector. Global Director of Learning & Product Development Chris Proulx shares our aspirations in this blog.  
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Member Profile: Titus Syengo, Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation
Humentum member Titus Syengo summarizes his role as a regional director at the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation as this: “I bring headquarters to Africa and Africa to headquarters by bridging any information gaps between the two.” Titus took an indirect route to working in the NGO sector—but once he arrived, he never looked back. Here he talks about his journey, his current role and challenges, and how he defines operational excellence. 
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The Power of Candid Conversations in Partner Negotiations
In today’s competitive environment, negotiating successful partnerships is a critical skill—and true success is best measured in the implementation phase, not in the bidding stage. Our expert trainer Bea Bezmalinovic Dhebar describes common negotiation scenarios that can hamper effective project implementation, and poses three questions organizations need to ask themselves to encourage candid conversations prior to finalizing a partnership agreement.
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Getting the Most out of our Annual Conference
Every year, our conference attendees have their choice of more than 100 sessions highlighting operational excellence. While this may seem overwhelming, it isn’t if you come with a plan. In this story, Rise Against Hunger’s Lori Nelson talks about her first annual conference experience, and how pre-planning was the key to maximizing her conference experience.  
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Thank You
Thank you for all that you do to make us the thriving community that we are. The Insider aims to keep you up-to-date throughout the year with one issue each month. Have ideas you’d like to share with us?
Contact us at TheInsider@Humentum.org.
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