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issue 25  |  December 6, 2017
The insider
  Ringing Out 
The end of the calendar year is a good time for taking stock and evaluating where we are versus where we hoped we’d be—and where we want to go in the future. In this issue of The Insider, our stories look at where two of our member organizations are in their journeys of operational and learning excellence. We also highlight the work of the Register of Finance Professionals and imagine a future that embraces disruption—leading to a more just and sustainable world. 
From Our CEO: A Community Being Bold
In looking back to where we were last year at this time, 2017 is ending on a brighter note than we might have expected. Our CEO Tom Dente shares examples of the positive momentum we have seen across our sector and within our own community this past year, as we move forward despite the uncertain political climate and shrinking traditional funding sources.  
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Humentum Needs You!
Whether you’re a long-term member or customer, or new to our community, if you’re reading this newsletter, you are clearly interested in Humentum. When InsideNGO, LINGOs, and Mango merged in July, we began to lay the groundwork for an exciting future. As part of our strategic planning process, we’re inviting you to share your thoughts on some key issues and findings our research has shown, to help us shape our future value to you. Thank you! 
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Member Profile: Fayth Centeno, Seeds of Peace
At the time of year when many of us exchange wishes for peace on earth, who better to profile than Senior Manager of Global Human Resources & Administration Fayth Centeno of Seeds of Peace? In this feature, Fayth talks about her organization’s mission, her own career path into development, and the difficulties small NGOs face in trying to keep up with the pace of change with limited resources.  
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Learning Profile: Gillian Withell, Medair
For humanitarian organization Medair, learning goes beyond knowledge transfer among their own staff and extends to sharing and exchanging knowledge with the communities they serve. Medair’s Talent & Development Officer Gillian Withell highlights the evolution of learning within her organization and underscores the importance of persistence when starting a learning program.   
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Introducing the Register of Finance Professionals
Throughout this year, Humentum has been exploring the question, “What is required to strengthen the financial resources of international organizations delivering humanitarian and development results?” The pace of change and innovation requires expert finance professionals now and those capable of adaptive management as they look toward the future. In this blog, Humentum’s Recruitment Assistant Saskia Hoskins highlights our Register of Finance Professionals and the recruitment services long provided by Mango, now a part of Humentum. 
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In Case You Missed It
Did you know that local NGOs directly received only 0.2% of the $25 billion spent on humanitarian assistance in 2015? Humentum’s Global Director of Alliances & Advocacy, Tim Boyes-Watson, asks whether this is an issue of trust—with many funders fearing loss of funds to fraud and corruption—or part of a larger “Zero-Sum World View” in his blog, Localisation: Turning the Telescope into a Kaleidoscope.
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Thank You
Thank you for all that you do to make us the thriving community that we are. The Insider aims to keep you up-to-date throughout the year with one issue each month. Have ideas you’d like to share with us?
Contact us at TheInsider@Humentum.org.
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