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Issue 23   |   October 4, 2017
Emerging Identities, Evolving Organizations
After nearly two years of bringing you stories from our organization, member community, and sector at large, The Insider has a new look this month as we continue to evolve from InsideNGO to Humentum. We’ve been doing a lot of behind the scenes work on our transition since we announced our merger with LINGOs and Mango in July. The stories here are loosely bound by the ideas of emerging identities and evolving organizations, as we share parts of our own journey and also look at how three organizations—The Grameen Foundation, PATH, and The Hunger Project—continue to evolve in our ever-changing world.
From Our CEO: Purpose and Belonging in Mergers
Successful organizations rest not only on strategy and talent, but also on a sense of purpose and belonging, especially when creating a new organization following a merger. Our community, with its strong social purpose and focus on diversity and inclusion, embodies both purpose and belonging, which helps us to adapt and thrive in adversity. Tom Dente blogs on the importance of purpose and belonging in the context of mergers, and shares an update on Humentum’s merger journey, three months into it.
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After the Merger: The Grameen Foundation, One Year Later
Quite a few mergers and acquisitions have been announced in our sector recently, including those between RTI and the International Resources Group (IRG)The Rainforest Alliance and Utz, and the InsideNGO, LINGOs, and Mango merger. But mergers aren’t new; Grameen Foundation and Freedom from Hunger announced their integration last October. In this interview with Grameen Foundation Chief Financial Officer Bonnie Cockman, she shares with us what the experience has been like for staff, donors, and the people that The Grameen Foundation serves.
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Learning Profile of the Month: PATH
PATH is a leader in global health innovation, and its vibrant team is made up of more than 1,600 employees across 20 countries. The concept of learning at PATH has evolved since the organization joined LINGOs in 2007, from being viewed simply as professional development to evolving as one of the four guiding principles of its people philosophy. PATH’s Manager of Global Training and Development Shannon Dowd writes about how they learn at PATH in this blog.
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On The Road with Humentum in Kampala
We recently hosted our first integrated training week under the Humentum banner, spending five days in Kampala offering workshops and a few special events including a roundtable, reception, and dinner. In this blog, our Director of Global Member Development & Engagement Tammy Hettinger shares some highlights from the week and underscores the collective impact our community can have as we work together toward a more sustainable and just world.
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Being Crisp in a Mushy World
Have you worked in a “mushy” decision-making environment? You know—where deadlines are guidelines and decisions are deferred, reversed, revised, or revisited? While the tendency toward flexible decision-making is understandable, in business development a mushy work environment can lead to chaos, communication breakdowns, and extra work. Our expert trainers Bea Bezmalinovic Dhebar and Derek Reynolds give some advice on managing mushiness when your workload demands crisp decision-making.
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Happy 40th to The Hunger Project
This year, we’re gathering stories from member organizations that have reached a significant milestone—40 years of operation in 2017—just as InsideNGO did in July. This month, we’re celebrating The Hunger Project, which set out in 1977 to transform the prevailing mindset that hunger was inevitable, and align the global community around ending hunger. Happy anniversary year to our frends and colleagues at The Hunger Project!
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